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Viareggio – Camaiore

Carnival, Art Nouveau and the Apuan Alps: the perfect setting for a perfect craft

The story of Viareggio begins in 1500, when the Barbary corsairs threatened the Mediterranean:
the Republic of Lucca founded the city to defend the coast in the north of Tuscany and Matilde Tower it’s still the witness. But this place so famous for its effervescent Carnival has been enriched over the centuries of an architectural heritage unique in the world: the Art Nouveau villas and urban furnishings inspired by déco.

Walking through the streets of the waterfront, means to run into the highest examples of modernism: Villa “Il Guscio”, Villa Crastan, the oriental Villa Nistri, Villa “amor omnia vincit” with its beautiful ornamental ceramics. Impossible to describe in words, better visit them personally and take a relaxing walk through the grace of patrician houses and modern boutiques.

Let the sea behind and continue towards the Apuan Alps: at the foot of the mountains, in one of the most important stretch of the Via Francigena, Camaiore welcomes the traveler with its stunning religious architecture: the collegiate church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Church of St. Lazarus and the gate of S. Pietro, the only preserved fortification walls of the fourteenth century.

But that’s not all. The artistic vocation of these lands expresses itself especially in artistic and design craft, through an innovative range of:

tables, bookcases, chairs, plexiglass items for bathroom and all interiors

wedding favors, souvenirs, wine accessories, decorative bronze corks and elegant accessories made of crystal and glass

ceramic sculptures

The uniqueness of each of these examples, the magic of a place suspended between mountains and sea, transports in the dream of an unforgettable holiday, made ??of sun, seagulls calls and, as a final touch, the beauty of a handmade object.

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