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Vicchio – Pontassieve

In the homeland of Giotto and Beato Angelico

That man  who on a stone near Bridge of Ragnaia drew a sheep so perfect to seem real, was promising.

Then it was just a 10 year old pastor, and he couldn’t imagine that he would become Giotto. That Giotto who revolutionized the way of painting and was able to represent more than anyone else the spirituality of the Franciscan life. But Vicchio was blessed with good fortune, because it has seen the birth of another great personality: Beato Angelico.

If you are planning your holidays in Mugello don’t forget these two steps: the home of Giotto and the Beato Angelico museum with works of sacred and local art.

The landscape element is the spearhead of these areas. We suggest you to wear comfortable shoes and venture along the paths of the CAI to enjoy woods and forests between Vicchio and Dicomano.

Here more than anywhere else the link between creativity and deep respect for the land strengthens. The limit between material to be molded and its artist is labile, each object retrieved in nature can become unique. So the wooden doors come from unused beams, lacquers and varnishes are natural colors. Working tools get involved in the common sense of simplicity and scrap pieces recovery.

The passion for drawing lives again in frescoes, watercolors, oil paintings of a modern painter and in etchings of a chalcographic study. The attitude to sculpture materializes in the precise movements of the stonemason who creates pavers, steps, fireplaces, capitals, fountains and outdoor furniture in stone.

Mugello awaits you with charms and treasures. To discover them all a map it’s enough: ours one.