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Vicopisano – Cascina

The poem of polymateric craft

At the foot of Monti Pisani, in an elevated place above the valley rich in waterways, Vicopisano is one of those small medieval villages of which it’s easy to fall in love.

Wonderful is the Rocca of Brunelleschi, a suggestive castle recognizable from a great distance and absolutely “convict” the maze of narrow streets that lead to the discovery of the tower houses and unique sights in Tuscany.

Here the culture of ” handmade” followed different branches: in Vicopisano frames of every shape and size are obtained from wood. Essential, elegant, suitable for decorate home environments in a discreet way, these pieces of furniture assist the production of boxes, photo frames, design mirrors. Proceeding south west to Pisa, we meet Cascina a village that houses artisans of completly different nature.

The town has behind it a long-standing tradition in the construction of furniture, but there are few workshops that have taken alternative routes: here there are created small masterpieces of the goldsmith’s art, jewels from eccentric shapes, gaming with colors, lights and ornamental motifs that will not go unnoticed.

The other flagship products are handbags and leather accessories. On one hand they combine the ability to keep up with fashion and on the other the tradition of the tanneries in the district of Pisa, one of the most famous and dynamic in Italy.

Finally, the paradise that will delight lovers of geology: ornamental, precious and semi-precious stones turn into floors, walls, countertops for kitchen and bathroom and even fireplaces, vases and all that skill and creativity can drawn from these enchanting materials.
The artisans are waiting to give you the magic of the Made in Tuscany. Share this emotion with friends.