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Preparing of the “Craft Gallery”

The Tuscan craftsmanship goes away to Milan, from 30 November to 8 December 2013

What a thrill! At last came the little masterpieces of Tuscan artistic craftsmanship intended for “Artigiano in fiera” in Milan.

We hardly wait for them and from few days they are occupying the corridors of Artex: they are the protagonists of an event that will see them embody the role of lovely spokesman for the Made ??in Tuscany.

It isn’t time yet to admire them in all their glory: they are protected in containers of different shapes and sizes and we can’t guess what lies behind the cardboard. But we are sure that it is something precious will leave everyone speechless.

Just few days are missing: November 30th the exhibition will open free of admission and it will last until December 8, 2013, and you smell in the air a mixture of worry and euphoria. In newsroom we hear of nothing but “Craft Gallery” that is at the center of our debates.

These unique pieces are considered as our children: to let them go takes a slight apprehension. But we are happy to see them take their wings, their beauty and quality make us proud of the region they represent.

For all of us this event has a great value…

It means creating an exhibition space where the creativity of our craftsmen can receive proper recognition.

It means getting in touch with new ideas, artistic expressions and different experiences in the world of handmade.

It also means believing in inextinguishable resource and driving force of our country: the manufacturing sector.

These items talk about us, they remind us who we were and what we are made of: wood, clay, glass, stone… a lump of matter and emotions. All that our hills, the mountains, the sea have been giving us over the centuries.

A few days to admire in Rho (Milan), the reflection of Tuscans dreams: our dreams. One tip: when you get in front of them, do not be distracted. Stop and and look good: you will recognize on each individual surface the tireless passion of those who created them.

Artigiano in fiera” is waiting for you: if you go there, tell us your impressions!