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Sensational pre-Christmas stop of Artour in Florence

The arts and crafts take to the streets in Florence, December 20 to 22. Meeting in Piazza Strozzi: do not miss!

We have recently renovated the Artour website, undertaken charming routes in Tuscan craftsmanship, met companies, craftsmen and their fanciful stories … and now we’re ready to get back on trip!

Cold weather doesn’t stop us: the “tramp” spirit of Artour is felt even in the winter and thrills to meet artists and fans of the world of handmade.

We will meet from 10 am to 8 pm in the scenic setting of Piazza Strozzi to spend three days together marked by exclusive handmade products. For us it will be an opportunity to greet you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a moment for you to stock up on gift ideas and find the missing object to complete the wish list.

But why Piazza Strozzi?

Not everyone knows the hidden charm and the legends that revolve around this place. In ancient times the fruit and vegetable market was held here and Niccolò Grosso sold as usual his onions. A bizarre character, Messer Grosso, well-known to all of Florence for his vegetables, but especially for his smithing skills. He created the beautiful wrought-iron lanterns that even today, in the form of copies, adorn the corners of the square. They are pieces of history that intertwine th facing Palazzo Strozzi, one of the most representative monuments of the Florentine Renaissance.

So the rich merchant Filippo Strozzi wanted: imposing, like a fort, with the facade in ashlar that upwards becomes smooth. Palazzo Strozzi is a sublime example of balance and linearity typical of fifteenth-century architecture.

But the street furniture by Niccolò Grosso make this place unique: a craftsman in fact, the most skilled in working with metals at the time of the Medici. Here the circle closes, and more than half a century after the tradition of Tuscany lives on in this place and proves the mastery of its spokesmen: the artisans.

The protagonists of this colorful exhibition market are ready to share with you their treasures.

Break up the monotony and come visit us!