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Adriana Braconi

  • Indirizzo: Via Indipendenza, 40 - 52045 Foiano della Chiana
  • Telefono: +39 0575 649240
  • Email:

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Adriana Branconi is a ceramicist from Foiano della Chiana. After having learned the techniques that are at the basis of the art of ceramics and sculpture and having worked in a prestigious local ceramics firm, this artisan/artist opens her own atelier. The esthetic mark of her creations is the floral decorative motifs that she prefers over geometric designs. Her works are all made with bright colors, especially with the traditional “ramina” green. The shapes of each object are all rigorously created on the lathe according to traditional techniques of craftsmanship like the white engobe or, in some special cases, utilizing color glazes to create suggestive chromatic and material alchemies.