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Aquaflor Firenze

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Aquaflor Firenze is an exclusive Perfume House founded in 2009 by visionary master perfumer Sileno Cheloni. The atelier is housed within the prestigious Renaissance Corsini Antinori Serristori Palace, a work by architect Giuliano da Sangallo, with its laboratories that spread in the historic cellars.
Aquaflor Firenze legitimately represents the art and tradition of the Florentine artistic perfumery. Aquaflor offers a collection of fragrances produced with rare and precious essences coming from all corners of the world. The olfactory jewels by Aquaflor are handmade on site by the expert hand of Sileno Cheloni who, like the alchemists and apothecarists of times gone by, works with passion at his creations. The “nose” of Aquaflor offers his clients the possibility to create a made to measure fragrance with an exclusive meeting in his atelier. The historic cellars house the laboratory of Aquaflor where the perfumes are assembled and bottled together with wreaths and dried flowers compositions, scented pot-pourri and precious box sets.