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Bartolozzi e Maioli

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The Bartolozzi and Maioli art workshop was born in 1938 from the meeting between Fiorenzo Bartolozzi and Giuseppe Maioli. As soon as World War II ended, the two artistic partners were called for the reconstruction of the Choir and the Sacristy of the Abbey of Montecassino.
Recognized as Master Craftsmen, they come into contact with the U.S. market and start a beautiful collaboration and production for the most important U.S. sales centers with the most important architects, from Dallas to New York.
After that, they will do important work for the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies in Rome, private villas, the Government Palaces in Saudi Arabia and Qatar including the private residences of the Sultan. Orchestra conductors, actors, politicians, artists: these are the clients from all over the world who commissioned the furniture for their residences . At the end of the 90’s and beginning of 2000 was commissioned the reconstruction of the two Throne Halls at the Kremlin, Moscow, a great and important work sponsored by UNESCO. Today the company is still family-run and continues to carry out the works with the spirit and the mastery of all time.