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Ceramiche Orietta Lapucci

  • Indirizzo: Corso San Gallo, 6/10 - 52048 Monte San Savino
  • Telefono: +39 0575 844928

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Giovanni Lapucci established, in the twenties, in Monte San Savino a factory for the production of ceramics. In the second half of the Thirties, also the sons and daughter of Giovanni, Paolo, Luigi and Luisa, started working in the company, thus ensuring continuity in the management of the family business. Now the company is managed by Orietta Lapucci, granddaughter of Giovanni, who continues the production of models introduced by her grandfather. They are above all fretwork specimens with relief applications. Those unexceptionable handicraft qualities that come from a very qualified tradition are maintained. The proposals of Orietta Lapucci form a very wide typological repertoire, ranging from bed warmers to dinnerware. They are high quality objects regarding their shape and décor and are the testimony of passion and mastery for a craft tradition of great value.