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Elisabetta Tognetti

  • Indirizzo: Via C. Battisti, 35 - 50041 Calenzano
  • Telefono: +39 349 4740220
  • Email:

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Elisabetta Tognetti was born in Florence in 1964. She attended a secondary school specialised in the arts, where her teacher was Bino Bini, from whom she learnt the goldsmith’s art and that of jewellery, and who provided her with the technical and creative tools for her path of personal research. A period of apprenticeship in several florentine jewellery workshops preceded a crucial moment represented by the teaching of Isabella Vezzani. Under Isabella Vezzani’s guidance, she mastered the skill of extrapolating from natural forms inspiration for imagining, designing and creating her works. In 1992 she opened her own jewellery workshop. In her creations, alongside classic materials such as gold and silver, she also uses natural elements of the most varied morphology, such as wood, fossils and mother-of-pearl. These diverse materials are assembled and integrated plastically into jewels that effectively verge on the concept of sculpture. Manifold interests converge within her works, such as ethnic aspects, the world of fables and legends, plants and the symbolism of precious stones. She also utilises ceramics, which enables her to combine the pictorial and the plastic aspects, adding colour and warmth to what can sometimes be the “coldness” of metals. Technique is therefore placed at the service of the imagination in the combination of humble and precious materials, thus giving rise each time to something that is both unique and highly evocative. Among the most recent shows: 2006, Frankfurt, Craft Gallery, Forschendes Handwerk in der Toscana.