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Etruscan Necropolis

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Located in the area of the Comune of Sorano, the Park is made up of a series of sites of great archeological, historical, naturalistic value, spread over the areas of Sovana, Sorano and S. Quirico. About one km. from Sovana is the Etruscan necropolis made up by many monumental tombs with a rock façade like the Pola, Ildebranda, Tifone, Demoni Alari and Sirena tombs.

Besides the sepulchral monuments, the necropolis features many vie cave (sunken roads): the most imposing and impressive are “Il Cavone,” “S. Sebastiano” and “Poggio Prisca.” Going towards Sorano, the rock settlement of San Rocco is worth a stop, a wonderful panoramic terrace surrounded by greenery and the starting point for doing trekking in the suggestive vie cave. Vitozza, “the lost city,” is near San Quirico; remains of fortifications, church vestiges, columbary tombs and more than 200 underground grottos make this location one of the most important rock settlements in Italy.