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Fratelli Lisi e Figli

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The Fratelli Lisi business started its activity immediately after the second world war. Artisans in its true meaning: three brothers, Adriano, Lionello and Romano, a homemade bench, some tools, much need and much natural talent. It is Adriano, called “Dore”, the oldest of the three, to understand that it was necessary to shake it up and improve, therefore together with his two younger brothers he started the business after a brief experience at the workshop of an old silversmith. The beginning was hard also because factories are already starting to open, therefore the three concentrated on the uniqueness of their production, inventing work methods that were impossible to create with machines and immediately moving away from classic production like picture frames, chandeliers, creating a silver world composed of animals, small fairytale characters and mysterious treasure chests. The fantasy, the particular “fur” technique and the natural mastery of the three brothers made it possible to produce true sculptures, unique pieces that are still inimitable. In the best artisan tradition the testimony was handed down from father to son, or better to say from “fathers to sons” and the workshops continues, with sons and grandsons, always maintaining the traditional work methods that distinguishes the Lisi in the world.
The workshop is open only by appointment. Please, call +39 055 229550 or send a mail to: