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Fratelli Traversari

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The Fratelli Traversari workshop, not far from Florence’s Oltrarno district, founded at the end of the 19th century, is specialized in the production of artistic mosaics made entirely by hand. The techniques employed, micromosaic in Murano glass fibre, mosaic in cut Murano glass and Florentine commesso mosaic in natural and semi-precious stones, have been studied and refined over the course of the lengthy experience of this family of craftsmen. Fratelli Traversari can reproduce portraits, works of art, table tops, costume jewellery and also restore mosaic objects. They produce customised creations on the client’s request, to his own taste and right for their context. Watching the artist-craftsmen in Fratelli Traversari’s workshop is enough to understand the enormous value of their works, when you see how much time is necessary to complete a tiny corner. A mosaic portrait of Pope John Paul II and a mosaic for the Emperor of Japan, on the occasion of his visit to Rome, are just two of the many important and prestigious pieces produced by Fratelli Traversari.
To book a visit send a mail to or call +39 334 3359404.