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I Pescatori d’Orbetello

  • Indirizzo: Via Giacomo Leopardi, 9 - Orbetello (GR) - 58015 Italia - 58015 Orbetello - 58015 Orbetello (GR)
  • Telefono: +39 0564 860288
  • Web:

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The Pescatori di Orbetello (Fishermen of Orbetello) are the heirs of a long tradition in the art of fishing and in the manufacturing of fish products. Over the years, the methodologies have remained pretty much unchanged. The Pescatori di Orbetello are a guarantee of quality of the entire production of the Lagoon – both fresh fish and finished products – and they respect the principles of excellence, sustainability and traceability.
The business today has a double objective: on the one hand to safeguard the environment of the lagoon, on the other to create a quality finished product. That because the basis of the riches that the lagoon possesses should not lean solely on a philosophy of exploitation, being strongly convinced that there cannot be a progress without balance and care for those resources.
With this in mind, since 1994 the business has been promoting various initiatives of productive diversification, starting with the creation of a system of quality fishery, both intensive and integrated, to processing and tasting of the product that has been fished following traditional and typical techniques that can enhance the classic species of the Orbetello lagoon. In conclusion, this is a testament of how it is possible to start a recovery of our traditions also using modern tools.