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Manetti & Masini

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For over fifty years the craft workshop Manetti & Masini has been active in the sphere of ceramic production and restoration. More specifically, the workshop is specialised in the reproduction of ancient artefacts, exploiting techniques that are unique in terms of the use of the materials, the glazing and the ageing, which makes the articles faithful to the originals in every detail. This precision and skill has been acquired thanks to the simultaneous activity of restoration, which has enabled a detailed study of the original majolicas, and in particular the Italian artefacts. The Manetti & Masini workshop also offers its customers furnishing accessories of a contemporary flavour, and performs work on commission. The display gallery boasts a collection of approximately three thousand models, ranging over an infinite selection of artefacts: plates, pitchers, stoves, tiles, vases, jugs, soup tureens, holy images, tables, garlands of fruit, animals and numerous other accessories.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 03:00PM - 07:00PM