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Museo di San Mamiliano

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The Museo of San Mamiliano houses a late-antique coin treasure found in 2004 as a result of archeological researches made during the restauration works of the church. These investigations allowed the recovery of an “olla” (an antique earthenware pot) containing 498 gold coins dating back to the 5th Century A.D. The Museum exhibits also many materials coming from the Sovanese territory. Especially notable are the vases with thin sides and the many terracotta votive offerings witnessing the presence of a lively local handicraft. Very interesting are also some architectonic terracotta coming from a holy building located inside the walls of Sovana and two lead statuettes linked to magical rites.
Palazzo Pretorio dates back to the 12th-13th centuries and was renovated after the Sienese occupation of Sovana in 1410. On the right side we can still see the tufa column used to post public acts. The hall on the ground floor, called “hall of the hearings,” houses the information desk.