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Paola Staccioli

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Paola Staccioli was born in Florence in 1972.
In 1999, at the end of her humanist studies she graduated submitting a thesis centred on the examination of a theatre text by Charles Dickens. She gradually got involved in applied arts, having an initial interest for glass and the batik technique. Later she became interested in ceramics. Her furnishings with bizarre and unusual shapes have origin from the technique using the assembly of plates or from moulding.
The metallic sheen cover makes her works full of luminous colours.
The firing in a reducing atmosphere blends and mixes up flowers, fish, globes of light and cells of squares on pieces that, for their shapes and colours, result, not only unique, but irreplicable for the maker herself, who is surprised at each kiln-opening rite by the result that the metallic oxides, sparkling with sulphurous reds, cobalt blues and cupric greens have given.