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Rock Settlements of Vitozza

  • Indirizzo: Via di Vitozza, San Quirico - San Quirico

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Of particular historic and naturalistic interest is the rock settlement of Vitozza, near the village of S. Quirico. It is one of the most important Italian rock settlements of the Middle Ages. The dwelling, already present in the 11th century, was permanently abandoned around the 15th century after the many wars and depredations. Walking along the main cart path we can admire the remains of the fortifications, of the churches and of the many brick buildings in addition to the very many caves (over 200) that were used as stables, homes and as workplaces. The various spaces, abandoned today, still keep traces of their original uses: there are cisterns that were used to collect and store rainwater, rubbish pits, niches, holes and edges marking the position of beddings and tanks. If you love adventure, you can go into the woods and, following an itinerary that is rather steep and not well equipped, you can reach the source of the river Lente. The exceptionally beautiful natural habitat, the bridges and galleries of the old 19th century aqueduct, the waterfall, the so called bridge “del bicchiere” (of the glass) with its small pond and the cave with the source, make for an unforgettable visit.