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Salimbeni S.n.c.

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The company Salimbeni, was established in 1891 and is highly specialised in making gold and silver articles, with fired enamels and completely hand made.
The collection of Salimbeni includes frames, boxes, pill-boxes, snuffboxes, table, desk and smoking accessories, cufflinks and men’s accessories made of gold, in different styles, from Baroque to Empire, Faberge, Liberty, Art Deco and modern; many objects are made on specific request of the customer.
The process of fired enamels on precious metals comes from very ancient times and has left traces in periods of great artistic splendour. The Assyrians, the Babylonians, the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans, all used fired enamels to embellish their jewellery. The fired enamels are crystals coloured with metallic oxides, reduced to a very fine powder, several layers applied on precious metals and then fired in a special kiln at very high temperatures. The enamelling technique has remained the same throughout the centuries and only Salimbeni, the only one in the world, is still now capable of producing a so wide collection of products of such high quality, getting inspiration from the styles of the past to make them modern and current. The company Salimbeni, proud of their ancient origins, through 4 generations, continues to support an art that otherwise would have disappeared.
To book a visit, please send a mail to or call +39 335 6110113.