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Sartoria Vichi Giorgio

  • Indirizzo: Via delle Macine 6/A, 52048 Monte San Savino AR - 52048 Monte San Savino
  • Telefono: +39 0575 849033 / +39 347 3509378
  • Email:

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The taylor’s shop Vichi Giorgio was started in 1992. At the beginning of the business work mostly consisted of repairs; later they started also the production of slacks, skirts, coats, women’s suits on request from the customer. Thanks to the many requests and to the great passion in doing his work, the workshop grew and industrial machinery were purchased, capable of producing with quality and efficiency. The taylor’s shop is specialised in meeting the requests from women and men who have difficulty in buying from clothing shops. Now the taylor’s shop also cooperates with some well known companies to make samples. Among the latest purchased machinery also the one for personalised needlework for companies that want to reproduce their own logo in sweaters or shirts of all kind for publicity