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Studio Prussi

  • Indirizzo: Via B. Tanucci 3, 52100 Arezzo AR - 52100 Arezzo
  • Telefono: +39 0575 300480
  • Email:

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The studio Prussi of Maurizio and Cristina Papini, has been operating in Arezzo since 1992. They specialise in scale representations starting from a historical research, design and construction. The diorama illustrates a historical episode through the charm of iconographic comprehension of an artistic and handicraft nature. The lead and tin alloy miniatures (sizes 25 - 54 - 75 - 90 mm and busts) are first assembled and then modified. After that a primer is applied; then painting is applied, strictly by hand, with acrylic and oil colours and enamels. The last phase includes the scene setting of the miniature on the terrain. The studio Prussi makes miniatures on request from the customer making unique pieces. The production covers all historical periods from ancient world to modern era.