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Basic principles for decorative handicraft for men

Gifts for men, these unknown species: a small handbook to make the right choice

In the life of a woman, there’s always that fatal moment when she needs to buy a gift for a man. Whether it’s for a brother, a boyfriend, a husband, a father or for a close friend, her most lively imagination in terms of purchases will crash when it comes to shopping for men.

“What shall I buy him?” is the question which a squad of desperate mothers, wives and girlfriends will ask each other every year, at the stroke of parties, anniversaries and birthdays. As a rule, he doesn’t need anything, he already has everything and he will hearten his sweetheart with a feeble “don’t worry honey, I don’t want anything.”

The wishlist (of which she imagines he keeps it hidden) stretches dangerously. The woman browses the gifts of the last 4 years: she has exhausted all the accessories of the computer, electronic devices and TV department, she has stocked up on underwear and sportswear, while the closet is overflowing with crew neck sweaters which he will never wear, because he’s “afraid to ruin them.”

Also the bookshops have been emptied and vouchers for a weekend at the spa or the subscription to a motorbike magazine are long gone options. When all hope seems lost and the choice is about to fall on an aftershave set, it’s time for the most sensitive experts in gadgets “for men” to get on stage.

Elegance and originality above all, which means a specific gift: unique, fanciful, representative and tailor made. To include all this in one object only would be an epic enterprise, but not for those people who work with leather since generations. The Florentine and Tuscan leather industry can, broadly speaking, boast of a long history of a very high artistic and artisan level. Leather and cowhide are used for objects of various shapes and purposes: it’ll be hard to choose. You can opt for leather-bound desk and office accessories made by the artistic bookbinder M. Capuozzo from Lucca or from the  laboratorio Bruscoli,nearby the beautiful church of Ognissanti in Florence.

A wide assortment of vintage albums, coin trays, frames, calendars and cases with pen and inkwell are perfect to give a touch of class to the shelves in the study.

If your man has the spirit for hunting, don’t miss a visit to the  pelletteria artigianale Spadoni near by  Pistoia. This shop features a wide range of bags and cartridge belts invegetable worked fine leather. The production of every single article aims at durability, maximum resistance and practicality.

Are you looking for something really surprising and curious? The  workshop of the Peroni brothers will not disappoint you: situated in the Florentine district “Le Cure” you’ll find beauty, curiosity and sophistication materialized in liquor cases which seem to be old books, little boxes and lovely wine cases. Everything is meticulously crafted with certified leather and embellished with gold leaf trimmings.

For some men the tendency towards playing and collecting remains: make a stop in Arezzo where the studio Prussi  will astonish them with its models: toy soldiers and scale reproductions of historic scenes, respecting the most tiniest details and hand-painted. In technical jargon these are called “dioramas” : small masterpieces in miniature art.

In the end women always have a final solution to transform the classical present into an impeccable gift: relying on the eagerness of men. Also here traditional craftsmanship comes up with two solutions. The first one consists of precious ties from sartoria Lady Anne: in more than 30 years of business this jewel of a company specialized itself in scarves, vests, accessories and elegant men’s wear designed for the modern man who likes to stand out.

But if tight knots are not your style and if you love sweetness in all its forms, welcome to the “land” of Ghiottornia. An appealing place for even the most demanding palates: chilipepper and green tomato jam, wild boar sauce, porcini mushroom spreads and the legendary wine jellies to pair with cheese. In the latter case the presence of your man is highly recommended: Pitigliano is a village entirely dug in tufa ground and its charm is the most precious present to give to the person you love.