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Valentine’s Day in Florence: scoundrel handicrafts

Romantic and handmade gift ideas

It is almost the most romantic day of the year and where else if you do not celebrate in the city of poets and characteristic views? Florence is the perfect setting to host couples from around the world and cuddle them up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas based on sweetness and quality craftsmanship.

In the maze of narrow streets of Borgo Ognissanti, arm in arm with soul mate, you can fill your eyes with the soft colors and the Renaissance architecture of the historical buildings, the outline of the green hills that reflect on the river, the suspended serenity of an ancient city. Indispensable rite for lovers walking around Florence is to spend hours and hours leaning on the parapets of the Arno river: the hunger in these cases may catch you off guard. Damp the appetite diverting effusions and sighs in the craft shop Ballerini.

The first stop is indeed dedicated to the food of gods lovers: chocolate. The chocolate confectionery Ballerini is the Mecca for those who can not give up with stuffed chocolates of a thousand shapes and with delicious fillings. From extra dark chocolate to Tuscan traditional biscuits the step is short, just enough time for a stealthy kiss: almond biscuits, Ricciarelli, Panforte, gingerbread and an assortment of sweets and pastries romantically reinterpreted will make you permanently lose your head.

Love is sweetness… but also irony! Make your beloved one smile with the “textile poems” and the portrait-dolls of the creative workshop Quisquilia and Pinzillacchera: a fun and incomparable way to make eternal a special moment. Get groped by this unusual souvenir: a soft rag doll that faithfully reproduces your face… so the partner can “hold and feel you” close even when you are away!

And when night falls, before losing all sense of time at a candlelight dinner, give away your heart to your half, but the one in silver made by Lorenzo Foglia Argenteria. This laboratory is specialized in artistic silver jewels and dedicates to the day of lovers a glamorous and romantic collection of accessories: necklaces with interwoven hearts, pendants with caged hearts and many other jewels of passion, irresistible and distinctive styles.