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Crafts and territory suitable for children: is it possible?

Handicraft 0-12: creative workshops and educational paths to discover Tuscany suitable for children

Little craftsmen grow up: it could be the slogan of the numerous initiatives designed to make children discover the beauty of “handmade” and of the Tuscan territory. We have selected a few and we want to present them to you below:

Travel in the pictures is the artistic laboratory open from September to June at the “Synergies” centre, Viale Volta 127 (Florence). The planned activities are drawing and painting through different techniques (pencil, tempera, pastel, charcoal) and the various supports (paper, plastic, fabric).

– Again in Florence, a rich program of animated tours and creative workshops related to some beautiful city museums. The activities organized at Palazzo Vecchio are our favorite because they allow you to live a unique experience even for those who are no longer a child. The routes inside the Palace to the discovery of secret rooms and ancient legends give moments of pure suspense, while the “fresh” painting studio let you relish the atmosphere of a true Renaissance workshop. Children will learn and apply the techniques of fresco and painting with egg and take home their own creation, or “hear fragrant stories”, a sensorial experience made ??up of images, history, and smells of nature. For more details, refer to the program.

– But the link between tradition and territory can be retrieved thanks to the visits to educational farms. How is honey? Where the lambs are sleeping? How to milk a cow? How is made a basement? These are questions to which the children used to live in town don’t know how to answer. Discovering the treasures of the earth, its typical products and its animals can be a great achievement for the little ones, a form to encourage them to respect nature and its delicate but archaic relations with the man’s everyday life.

– Children are also sensitive to the panoramas and the most beautiful places in Tuscany: maybe they will see them with a look completely different from ours, but it is the duty of adults to bring out that look, to address it to the aesthetic and cultural value of the area they live in. In Siena, the Museum of Art for Children meets the needs and the innate curiosity of children: it is an invitation to explore languages??, objects and new forms of sure impact in the fantasy of “human infants.”

– And for those who demand to travel comfortably… choo choo! Everyone on board on the steam train to the discovery of the Val d’Orcia. Enchanting scenery that won’t let indifferent the heart of the adults and the little ones will thrill. 140 km across the Crete Senesi, Monte Amiata and many small villages full of curiosities and tradition awaits you. For details, click here.

The trip through Tuscany with Artour never ends and pleases everyone, even those who approach craft, art and local traditions in small, lightweight steps.