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Antica Erboristeria Spezieria San Simone

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Antica Erboristeria e Spezieria San Simone, based in Florence since 1700, is one of the oldest herbalist's shop in Florence, proposing a large selection of cosmetics and perfumes. In the last centuries, the herbalists at Antica Erboristeria have mixed their deep knowledge of the properties of herbs, flowers and fruits with their practical expertise to produce natural cures. Nowsadays, under the guide and precious supervision of Dr. Fernarnda Russo, Antica Erboristeria e Spezieria San Simone is a brand that propose a selection of cosmetics, in addition to the traditional natural products.
Dr. Fernanda Russo, chemist and herbalist, has always combined her skills with natural actives, essential oils and molecules, with a bright creativity, leading to her own line of perfumes. For the Antica Erboristeria e Spezieria San Simone she produced the collections Le Vie di Firenze and Mirabilis, the latter including also a selection of home fragrances. Le Vie di Firenze is the collection that celebrates some of the most famous streets in Florence and the beauty of the town, encoding their secret stories in a scent. Dr. Fernanda Russo, nose creator of the perfume lines and responsible herbalism San Simone, is pleased to present the Mirabilis perfume line and the proposed new initiatives, including the creation of the "Italian School of Perfume" in Florence , which started in the month of October 2016