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ARS Angela Raveggi

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ARS is a small artisanal workshop, born in 1997 from an idea of Angela Raveggi. ARS creates artistic compositions on paper and canvas with pressed flowers, like greeting cards, bookmarks, notebooks and panels, as well as all the paper products for weddings and other ceremonies. The compositions, unique and original, are entirely handmade with artisanal methods, using flowers and leaves of the Tuscan country, pressed and dried with professional wooden presses. All their creations are distinctive for the originality of their drawings and the quality of the materials used. The products are unique as the flowers and the plants that compose them. The latest collection of ARS’ products is further enriched by the fragrances of the Tuscan countryside: cards and bookmarks decorated with pressed flowers and scented with high quality essences, for yourself or to give as a present, a gift with the beauty and the aromas of Tuscany. The creations by ARS are sold in souvenir shops and stationary stores, museum shops, bookstores and they can be found: Farmacia Monastica Di San Miniato Al Monte FI Bookshop Del Museo Archeologico Di Fiesole Signum Firenze Lungarno degli Archibusieri, 14r Borgo dè Greci, 40r Via de Benci, 29/r-31/r Cartoleria Tilli, Carta Artistica Fiorentina Via dei Servi, 14 Libreria My Accademia Via Ricasoli, 105 Libreria Edizioni Clichy Via Maggio 14 Bookshop Teatro Niccolini Via Ricasoli 3 Libreria Castalia Via Romana, 153 Le 18 Lune Via Romana 18r Bookshop Giardino Bardini Costa San Giorgio, 2 By appointment.