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Azienda Agricola San Lorenzo

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San Lorenzo agricultural business is located in Maremma on the hills of Cinigiano, in an area extremely versed in the production of wines and olive oils. The farm has about 40 hectares in total and, since its start, it has been a believer in biological agriculture. Francesca Balestrieri, originally from Milan, a few years ago decided to devote herself completely to this farm, nestled in a landscape that is as harsh as gorgeous.

The vineyard spans as a unique body of about 5 and a half hectares. The soil is clay-rich with a considerable presence of limestone. Francesca is a Sangiovese’s lover, a grape that donates here a splendid balance between phenolic and sugary ripening, an important feature for a grape that suffers greatly during the warmer years. Very useful has been the presence in the vineyard of the great Leonardo Sallusti as an advisor, who, thanks to his experience, assists the young wine grower in her choices.

A single wine that contains the essence of the Sangiovese of Montecucco: Spirited, Clear and Brilliant to the sight, it features complex notes that go from blood orange to hints of tobacco, well blended and deep. The mouth is wide and juicy with a tannin that supports and widens the flavor, balsamic and persistent.