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Buccellato Taddeucci

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Time travel is possible, thanks to the work of our ancestors who have passed on, with love, the old recipes and the know-how of our Lucchese tradition until today. Now like then, we can rediscover the sweets of our territory and of our past, and the same flavors that our ancestors were tasting centuries ago, faithfully prepared to keep our history alive. When selecting the best raw materials, that give justice to the scrupulous research of authenticity, we are committing to pursue tradition, at the same time working on innovation, to create excellent desserts, “children” of our history, innovative and flavorful, but always connected to the typical authenticity of traditional confectionery.

In addition to the already well-known buccellato, that has obtained several acknowledgements, how can you resist the PanPuccini or biscuits like the fabulous pistacchini, cantuccini, ricciarelli, pinolate, quaresimali, brutti buoni and many others, and how can you not be seduced by the inimitable panforte, by the fragrant nougats and by our chocolate specialties? Thanks to our creativity, passion and love for confectionery, during these 139 years of operation, we have also received official recognitions among which we wish to mention the recent review by the famous New York Times gastronome and food critic, Mimi Sheraton, who included our Antico Buccellato in her book “1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die.” The Taddeucci’s family, in fact, has been awarded prestigious recognitions for the high level of professionalism achieved in its very long history and for having hosted famous people, even royals like Prince Charles, who have visited Lucca and have tasted our specialties, giving justice and worth to the tradition of our very beautiful city, world famous also for its engagement in conserving and keeping alive the identity of our land.