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Carlo Puccini

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Born and raised in Florence, after studying the art of woodcarving and having specialized in the most prestigious ateliers of his hometown, in 1991 he opened his own bottega (atelier) and started teaching the art of carving and restoration. During his entire career, Carlo Puccini has been devoting himself to refine the art of making frames, an artistic heritage passed on with passion and dedication from generation to generation among the artisan’s bottegas of the Florentine carvers. Along with producing carved artifacts, his atelier makes frames and restores ancient woods on behalf of Villa La Petraia in Florence and for art galleries and prominent families. A firm believer in the artistic and creative value of the manual ability that is at the core of the work of the artisan, he loves to createone of-a-kind and truly personalized objects, whether based on a sketch or following the suggestions of the client.