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Filistrucchi, the most ancient store in Florence, has been passed down from father to son since 1720. This was the era when wigs were habitually used by the noble gentlemen, ladies, knights and even servants. At the same time, the need to "transform" oneself for the stage gave the shop a large theatrical clientele. Manufacturer of wigs, beards, moustaches, hairpieces and other accessories, all from natural hair. Masks and prosthetics in foam latex, silicone and papier-mâché, for theatre, film, television, and all sectors of the entertainment and fashion. Also available, a Mobile Makeup Team to meet every need of the entertainment world and beyond. The ancient family craft of parruccaio (wig-maker), combined with the ever evolving makeup techniques, in today's age of massification will offer you the products of the finest and unique craftsmanship.
Filistrucchi’s workshop, in Via Giuseppe Verdi 9 - Firenze, is open to customers (for groups not superior to 15 persons) by appointment, ph. +39 055 2344901.