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Franco Cicerchia Ceramiche Franco

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Franco Cicerchia was born in Cetona (Si) in 1970; an artist-ceramist, born to the trade, he trained in the workshop of his father Pippo, founder of the ceramic handicraft workshop having the same name. The beginning was stylistically classical, even if always tending to a personal research. After attaining the graphic design diploma in 1989, at the School of Art of Orvieto, he started to gain work and “knowledge” experience in Mexico and in England. From 1994 he attended the School of Fine Arts of Perugia, where he attained a diploma in painting in 1999. Since then the production of ceramic unique pieces for daily use and for furnishing is accompanied by the creation of sculptures and ambient art installations. The combination of enamels superimposed on various firings reminds the personal experience of graphics. Each enamelling is followed by work on the surface and by new enamelling, then firing again… like a continuous cycle.
The object is born from the relationship between the “chance” of the different way of reacting of the enamels, caught in their various moments of drying and firing, and skilful and intentional intervention of the hand of the artisan. In the finished product it is possible to see and perceive the various work phases. Bruno Corà describes his work as “…a research on a fairly good manual work in processing the earth, working with fire, with water, the primary elements, even if they have disappeared in a process of sublimation, alchemical, but they can still be read, you read the fire …”. Lately, in his production of semi-spheres made of various types of earth, he combines the iconography of the past of his own places, above all Etruscan, with a more abstract research.