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Jane Harman Restorer

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Jane studied drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts in Glasgow in Scotland.
She has won several scholarships (the John Kinross Memorial Fund, Edinburgh, in '83; Greensields the Elizabeth Foundation, Canada, in '85; specialization in lithography to Bison, Florence in '87) that allow her to travel the world and hone technical studies and expertise, in '88 he moved to Florence .
The passion for the ’ antiques, wood and handicrafts of quality moved her to knock on the door of Henry Sarti, son of Art restorers Experts and his future master. He learns the ‘ the workshop secrets ’ handed down from generation to generation. After several years of apprenticeship he inherited the shop and started his own.
Work today in the heart of San Frediano neighborhood in Florence.
Not only it carries out its activities in the shop but she’s available for general maintenance of the mobile home in residences, villas and hotels.