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La Fabbrica delle candele sas

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For the past ten years “La Fabbrica delle Candele” has been a place where a visitor can witness the transformation of wax from a simple neutral block to artistic candles, decorated or painted.
All their creations are handmade and are conceived and made in front of the eyes of those visiting the workshop. A wide range of colours and shapes, added to the possibility of personalising the candles, makes them a versatile product suitable for different occasions and events, or simply aimed at enhancing and brighten up furniture and rooms of your home.
The materials used are natural and of high quality.
The long experiences of two persons who have handed down this craft accompany them, and that besides the work techniques were able to transmit passion, curiosity and responsibility. Passion that allows them the total dedication to each single creation, thus obtaining a unique product. Curiosity that always pushes to find new, alternative ideas and that can be adapted to situations and events in a simple but special way.