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ARTS&CRAFTS: the Art and Lifestyle Show. 

From November 25th to the 27th, 2016 in Pistoia, Cattedrale, Area ex Breda.

A weekend amongst signature objects, curiosities, emerging designs, one of a kind pieces. A Show that this year makes of Pistoia a capital also for the quality handicraft. At the ARTS&CRAFTS fair, promoted by Confartigianato and CNA Pistoia, and organized by ARTEX,  many are the sectors on display: textile art, furnishing and design, indoor gardening, fashion and accessories, table, food and food design and much more. Three days when Pistoia becomes “the place to be” and where to also discover novelties and to purchase objects and presents for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

There are two main itineraries of the event: Lifestyle – a true journey in the productions of the high quality level artistic handicraft of Pistoia, of Tuscany and beyond: fashion furnishings, home linen, bijoux.

Creativity at the table – a foray in the enogastronomic culture with an eye towards style, good taste and creativity.

Amongst the events of ARTS&CRAFTS a side exhibition stands out: the Galleria dell’Artigianato Artistico della Toscana with twenty Tuscan artisans/artists displaying a strictly hand-made Tuscany, performing those same artisanal activities that since the Renaissance have made of this land the destination for lovers of the arts and collectors of style. Next to the Masters, we find also the the up and coming young promises, eighteen young artisans coming from some of the most creative Tuscan industries and selected with a regional and national competition.

Alongside the exhibition, ARTS&CRAFTS, the actual Handicrafts Show, is a calendar full of appointments, meetings, animations, workshops, lessons, tastings, interesting initiatives for the industry members as well as for aficionados and browsers. Many are also the thematic itineraries in the historic center which is extremely rich in wonderful architectures, both sacred and secular. Not to be missed a visit to the Museo of Ricamo (the Museum of Embroidery), the only one in Italy, that houses beautiful embroidered textile handicrafts, an industry for which Pistoia has been and continues to be an excellent center of production.

Then there are the many gourmet itineraries: not to be missed is the ARTS&CRAFTS  ice cream flavor especially created for the occasion. The gourmand itineraries can also be followed in the reality of the historic center, amongst the little piazza and at every corner around town, where you will be overwhelmed by the choices. This would also be the opportunity to visit and discover the many beauties of the capital of culture 2017 which is also the cradle of the nursery art, a city full of monuments, museums, artisans’ bottegas, gourmet shops, extraordinary restaurants.

ARTS&CRAFTS Toscana is also the preview of the very many events that will come to life in Pistoia in 2017.

Pistoia, Cattedrale

Entrance free

Friday 25 and  Saturday 26 November from  10:00AM to 11:00PM

Sunday 27 November from 10:00AM to 9:00PM