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Tommaso Pestelli

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Tommaso Pestelli was born in Florence on 1969. He is the latest heir of a family of goldsmith-jewellers which has been active in Florence since 1908, in the person of his great-grandfather Edoardo. His professional training took place in the family workshop, under the guidance of his father Luigi and the master Tonino Batacchi, where he studied and elaborated the Florentine jewellery tradition. He studied at the State Art Institute of Porta Romana in Florence, at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, where he obtained a diploma in sculpture, and finally at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, where he qualified as a restorer in the sector of glyptics and the goldsmith’s art. Thanks to such experiences, he was able to evolve his own personal style, an expression of tradition in the expert choice of the materials and their workmanship, and also of formal research in the study of the concept of the object itself. Tommaso Pestelli now creates the most surprising furnishing accessories, made of gold, silver and precious stones; these are works that are absolutely unique, inspired by the taste and the atmosphere of the past and superbly suited to an exclusive, modern Wunderkammer. In his workshop he creates sophisticated jewels, and also performs restoration for the Fine Art Commission.