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Gold in Florence

Carats for Christmas

Walking among the marvelous workshops of gold in Florence, you might stumble across by accident a very singular letter to Santa Claus…

“Dear Santa,

this is the first time I write you a letter. My name is Pure Gold. Usually, people ask for me, and you satisfy their wishes, but this year, please, hear my request.

I would like to take a trip to Florence, walking between the shops of the world’s most creative and skilled goldsmiths, knowing their stories, and, above all, becoming a unique artifact, a true work of art which takes form by their skilled hands.

My dream is to become a ring with pearls or diamonds, symbol of the beautiful city of Florence! At the same time, it would be an honor to stay together with turquoises, emeralds, rubies, amethysts and all the precious stones that match perfectly with my reflections.

If it’s not a burden for you, could you turn me into a hand-made brooch, necklace or bracelet? Or, just for once, make me be a pair of earrings which sparkles between the jewelers’ windows of Ponte Vecchio. This would be the perfect place to increase my value and become an everlasting part of the pure gold in Florence.

Dear Santa, I’ve been good and patient, bending myself to the will and tip of many chisels, but now, grant my wish please. It does not matter if I will be a classic or modern jewel, finely decorated or not: to be a whole Tuscany creation, this is the only thing that matters!

Last thing. If my hope is vain, give me at least a map, so that I can reach the workshops of the Florentine jewelers, and admire the amazing gold of Florence, one of the prides of this beautiful city”.

In faith,

Pure Gold.