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Artisans in the “city of 100 churches”

Lucca has populated the imagination of famous writers and common travelers:
for Ungaretti it represented the Tuscan origin of his parents and remembers it in the flow of the river Serchio.

Dante and pilgrims traveling along the Via Francigena associate it to the Holy Face, the legendary crucifix venerated throughout Europe. D’Annunzio immortalized it among the cities of silence, with the image of silvery olive trees that surround it.

But Lucca is most of all the city that time and traffic haven’t been able to scratch. The magnificent city walls, today a panoramic pedestrian walkway, have been perfectly preserved. They unfold the historic center full of Romanesque churches, squares, views, streets, towers, bell towers bathed in an unreal silence: clear of cars, Lucca has the privilege of quiet and clean air, where it’s still possible to recognize the smell of the seasons, fragrances of ovens and roasted chestnuts.

The peaceful grace of the city coincides with the elegance and warmth of handmade products:
• high bookbinding works, such as books, notebooks, diaries, scrapbooks, illuminated books and anything else that could be embellished with leather binding;
beds, bookcases, chests and cabinets made of solid wood and painted with non-toxic products;
Female ceramic busts that embody the purest of beauty;

• Paintings that represent emotions.

A journey through past and present, craft and design, in a city that seems painted and suitable for an artist, just follow our map.