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Pistoia City Centre (Part 3)

A trip to Pistoia in the name of carpets, embroideries and incredible raku pottery

If we attempt to count them we don’t have enough fingers: the museums of Pistoia are many and one more interesting than the other. Original, ancient, modern, discreet luxurious, sacred and profane: there is something for everybody. You can start from the museum of Palazzo Rospigliosi, home furniture and fine tapestry of 600, liturgical and religious works.

Do you want to know how life was in the past? In the woods of the Apennines? Then you should visit the museum of the Charcoal: many items that belonged to the lumberjacks and countless testimonies as huts, charcoal burning, tools of work that went into the everyday life of the locals.
Of an entirely different nature is the underground museum of Pistoia. Mystery lovers unite!

Under the foundations of the Hospital of the Ceppo, the oldest in the world, a journey unfolds to discover the archaeological memory of the city: old wash, a Roman bridge and even two mills will evoke faded atmospheres in the light of the sun.

In the maze of these attractions, do not miss the most suggestive path: the one related to the artistic textile and raku pottery.
In the realm of knitting, warp, natural fibers and needles, expert hands overlap threads and combine colors to create:
design rugs and trend tapestries
exclusive embroidery and lace
custom luxury household linens

A few steps from the beautiful church of San Bartolomeo in Pantano, raku pottery, wrought iron and wood are combined into furniture objects among the most light-hearted and ironic. Lamps from which small animals snouts emerge,a miniature Noah’s Ark , unusual hangers and many other bizarre compositions and statues that recall the exuberant imagination of children.

How about a walk in Pistoia? We’ll give you the right guide.