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Prato – Montemurlo

Where reality exceeds imagination: design furnishings and utensils for pizza

Forget everyday hustle and bustle, acrid smell of smog, 10-storey buildings and factories.
The natural area of Montemurlo is ready to surprise you with fabulous images: the hills, mountains, abandoned woods, deer, ancient fortresses and silent lakes. Although Prato is near, you feel like you have landed in a pre-alpine landscape where nature reigns supreme.

In such an environment the imagination can get rid of the schemes, find inspiration and nourishment thanks to the peace of Montemurlo and intense images that fuel the creativity of the artisans of furniture.

Design, pure art, experimentalism of shapes and combination of materials, particularly iron and glass: it is an explosive mixture capable of producing extraordinary furnishings. So begins the journey with exuberance and a touch of eccentricity, followed by more sophisticated handcrafted products, but always original and able to blend in with any interior.

Finally, whether you are a professional baker or amateur pizza makers, do not miss a complete catalog of tools and equipment for pizzerias and restaurants.
The art makes traveling: follow this route too to surprise you again.