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Prato City Centre (Part 3)

Tasty specialties and original fabric furniture for table or home walls

A good beginning is half the battle: and this route is definitely the best! Crunchy, fragrant, simple and wholesome, good on all occasions, perfect if dipped in a glass of vinsanto: the almond biscuits of Prato are an ode to joy.

Make an exception to the rule and allow yourself an ancient sweetness but of timeless taste. In an historical bakery, among the smell of bread, cakes, biscuits and other crafted delicacies, you can enjoy almond biscuits of all kinds, from classic with almonds, to variants with figs, chocolate chips, pistachios.

So many recipes, every one more delicious than the next.
A full stomach walks better and appreciates better food for the eyes: contemporary tapestries, made with natural fibers of the highest quality and non-toxic colors, where the innovative element lies in the choice of subjects to portray.

Reproductions of famous living authors come to life between textures of this original piece of furniture.
And if hunger should return, you can trick it by imagining to set a table with a sensational set of placemats.

Choose your style and what you want to give the kitchen or the dining room and enjoy combining the countless fantasies: floral, geometric, written, plain or polychromatic.
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