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Prato City Centre (Part 2)

Shirts to dream about and square shaped dreams

Researchers and specialists have been questioning the phenomenon for decades: Prato is the most dynamic textile hub in Europe. Strangely enough that this record doesn’t just include the industrial process, but specifically refers to the microcosm of workshops and boutiques in which the experience of the craftsman hasn’t been replaced by the machine.

An expertise of who has specialized in the packaging of men’s shirts and blouses, pajamas and ties survives in Prato.

In a niche sector such as one of the tailored shirts is a must to follow some basic rules:

excellence of the fabric
exclusive items, but in line with the current fashion and suitable for many occasions
meticulous finishing
wide range of models and patterns which meet the requests of the most demanding customer
originality and style of each piece
guaranteed comfort

In every corner Prato preserves a weirder and non-conformist spirit, a spirit that loves to dive into fantasy and refuge in bright colors.
A universe of sleepy cats, blue-haired women, girls climbing the clouds with a ladder: this is also one of the many faces of craft in Prato. All characters and ideas that the artist of this itinerary plays on his canvases.

They are the result of his dreams at night and with open eyes and who wants to share them with you.
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