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In the realm of artisanal and design furniture

1500, the lucky number of Quarrata: 1500 as companies and small businesses that build furniture. The city has taken over time the profile that artisans had given it: a specialized center in the furnishings of design. Despite the green that surrounds it, the beautiful Medicean Villa La Magia and ancient churches, Quarrata and its surroundings appear extremely modern, dynamic and always first to grasp the latest trends in interior design.

In laboratories innovative and original artifacts, such as wood carved sculptures and decorative elements, are created, a limited series of great scenic impact capable of renewing the style of living spaces and tailor kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom.

The second stage presents a catalog of handmade products that combine in themselves the purity of the geometry, the simplicity of the shape without sacrificing elegance.

Probably the refinement of each specimen emerges almost accidentally because it’s a factor which lies precisely in a stylistic choice by default: to minimize the excess, bringing the object to its maximum convenience and versatility, ensuring quality and aesthetics despite changes in fashion.

Looking for a piece of an unusual furniture? This itinerary is for you. Please see the map on Google!