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Pescia – Cutigliano

In the wonderful world of Pinocchio: copper pots and never ending sweets

In Pescia the traditional exhibition of antiques “Pesciantica” awakens the desire for crafts, antiques, customs that don’t want to die
and then reconquered their own space in a harsh and a little wild land, but rich in medieval history. A land that today boasts many firsts:

• the place of Collodi where there is the monumental fairy Park of Pinocchio
• the processing of copper and iron, synonymous for home tool and for outdoor work
• artisan pastry products
• ski area and mountain landscapes of Cutigliano

Four typical elements, four ‘must do’ steps for natural beauty and quality of the products produced here. If you are looking for the complete battery of pots, baking molds, braziers, pots, pans, copper pots this is the place for you.

Each item reflects the life philosophy of those who forged it: a respect of techniques handed down from father to son, guaranteed safety, comfort grip handle, resistance, using first quality copper, but also accuracy in choosing style and design that never goes out of fashion.

Even the greedy and the nostalgic of childhood flavors, will be rewarded with a rich assortment of cookies, cakes, pastries and traditional waffles.

The authenticity of the Tuscan handmade in a click.