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Vecchiano – Calci

Ceramic and sand become sculptures

What are the latest trends in the variegated world of handmade?
Unusual and innovative ceramics, design sculptures that combine several materials, thicknesses and lines.

Ornamental objects to watch and touch that encourage sensorial experimentation and make reference to shapes found in nature. All of this happens between Vecchiano and Calci, where sensitivity and desire to overcome the canons of tradition push some craftsmen to revise new, very personal artistic messages.

Even the sand reinvents the way to draw, shape and conceive a piece of furniture, a fashionable accessory: miniature landscapes to keep on the nightstand, unconventional necklaces to wear in every occasion, table clocks and many other nice furnishings: all rigorously made in sand and glass fusing.

At the foot of Monti Pisani, landscapes and picturesque villages follow each other: Vecchiano, with its proximity to the sea and wide sandy beaches and Calci, enhanced by the imposing Charterhouse and the church of SS. John and Ermolao.

Experience the intensity of Valgraziosa, its immense terraced olive groves, the beautiful horizon where, on clear days, the profile of the Tuscan archipelago appears. Start to surprise and pamper yourself: read the references below.