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Prato City Center

Between avant-garde and tradition 

This itinerary of Prato Center will allow you to explore many attractions, between avant-garde and tradition, wrought iron, jewelry and craftsmanship for children.

In Prato Center, traces of art and history apparently in contrast among them have always lived in a perfect harmony. Cathedral Square, described by Curzio Malaparte as “maybe the most airy and clear in Tuscany”, is a sparkling of white and green marbles, among which stands the bell tower that inspired Giotto for his “Campanile” in Florence, one of the most important masterpieces of the Italian art tradition.

There are numerous churches, monasteries, monuments, and museums of Medieval and Renaissance art, that make of Prato a city that you cannot miss.

Nevertheless, Prato has recently emerged for other types of attractions: for example its vanguard industries, the Museum of Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci (the pride of the city), and cultural events of international scope. Therefore, Prato looks at the future but, at the same time, loves its roots, and it is natural that these two aspects affect the handcraft of the city.

There are those who bring to the stage the fairy-tale world, expressing their skills in creations for children: decorations, drawings, prints, dolls, sculptures, and artifacts with many colors and materials. Other craftsmen devote themselves to wrought iron artifacts, as railings, doors, handrails, fences and gates. The versatility of this material allows to forge unique products, inspired to the modern designs or the classic tradition of Tuscany.

The goldsmiths that frame this itinerary are specialized in restoring and processing precious metals, where the stones are set, rings and silver jugs are carved, and jewels of great charm and sophistication are created by expert hands.

Prato Center welcomes you with its many attractions; don’t miss this surprising city, you will not be disappointed!