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The Maremma Pisana

The Alta Maremma (the northern corner of the region), also called the Maremma Pisana, encompasses the greater portion of the province of Leghorn to the south. It is the area that extends to the south of Castiglioncello and to a few hills in the province of Pisa, up to the Val di Cecina and the Val di Cornia.

The reason why this area of the province of Leghorn is called “Maremma Pisana” goes back to a provision taken during the Fascist regime according to which to the city of Leghorn, that had assumed a strategic importance because of its harbor, were assigned several municipalities of the province of Pisa.

Besides the natural beauties of the coast and the interior, this territory offers a unique variety of agricultural products. The entire area is particularly devoted to the production of wines, well known and appreciated around the world. In addition, the territory features abundant wheat farming and olive growing along with some niche productions as described in this itinerary, from snail farms and its products to brewers of artisanal beer that use the geothermic vapor as their primary energy source, to the farming of biological cereals and to a beer brewing firm that calls itself “agricultural brewer” because it grows its own barley.