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The skills of wood furnishings carving and restoration in Florence

To make a table we need the wood…

So sang Sergio Endrigo, a famous italian singer-song writer.  But really wood artisans use much more than just wood to create a dresser.
Need expertise, study, patience and a strong aesthetic sense.

They also use love, the same as Geppetto took to transform a strain in his inanimate Pinocchio. But frames, drawers, cupboards, chests, and decorative panels of these tireless artists don’t tell lies like the famous puppet. They speak with sincerity.

Their voice is thin, whispering the story of the master who designed them, the processes and techniques that made them unique, such as gilding, silvering, carving and lacquering.

There is no trick and no deception on surfaces: you can read over authenticity and quality made in Florence. In the background of this process the must see sights of Florence:

• the markets of St. Ambrose and St. Lawrence
• the Basilica of Santa Croce
• the Museum of the opera of Santa Maria del Fiore
• Basilica of San Lorenzo and the Medici Chapels
• Carraia Bridge
• the Boboli Gardens

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